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After BoS was hacked a lot of people started emailing and messaging me on FB for my HSC notes. I thought I'd save myself the trouble, so here they all are. Thanks for all the nice emails and messages, but my inbox is messy enough! If I manage to find any more notes or essays from any other subjects I'll upload them here too.

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Biology Notes (Prelim)

8.2 - A Local Ecosystem
8.3 - Patterns in Nature
8.4 - Life on Earth
8.5 - Evolution of Australia Biota

Biology Notes (HSC Core)

9.2 - Maintaining a Balance
9.3 - Blueprint of Life
9.4 - The Search for Better Health

Biology Notes (HSC Option)

9.7 - Genetics: The Code Broken

Additional Bio Resources

The Peppered Moth
Franklin, Watson, Crick and Wilkins
The Development of Evolution


Chemistry Notes (Prelim)

There are no Chemistry Prelim notes, please stop emailing me for them.

Chemistry Notes (HSC Core)

9.2 - Production of Materials
9.3 - The Acidic Environment
9.4 - Chemical Monitoring and Management

Chemistry Notes (HSC Option)

9.5 - Industrial Chemistry

Additional Chem Resources

Sulfuric Acid Production
Sulfuric Acid (Slideshow)


Good luck!

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